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The World's First
(No Gas, No Wood, No Electricity)
Indoor Solar
Cooking Range.
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Solar Kitchen | Indoor

Commercial kitchen solutions using concentrated solar power, on or off-grid. Development of appliances using renewable power to offset purchased energy costs, including bio-fuel alcohol drop-in stove burners.

Solar Kitchen | Outdoor

Soli Stove, Solar Kitchen Oven, The BBQ Kit, parabolic Sun Tea Brewer, and schematics to build your own rocket stove (includes a free handheld parabolic firestarter) in our growing range of outdoor products.

Solar Cooks Blog

Solar oven recipes, pictures, F.A.Q., video demos, design updates, and more! 

"Cooking with Sunlight
is so easy!"



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Solar Cooks Blog

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Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/SDO
Thank you Claudia Henry Roberts and La Maquila Gift Emporium, home of the gorgeous antique stove at 800 N. Expressway 77/83, Suite 22 in Brownsville